About us

Our office delivers high quality services since 1994. We are focused on pleasing our clients in all situations because we are aware that the best way of publicity is the word-of-mouth advertising. We are convinced that our aim to please the customers can only be reached if the relationship between client and lawyer is based on confidence.

The attorney’s office is being represented mainly through Assessor jur. Klaudio Kohn. He owns the lawyer permission since 1994 and is accepted in all courts in Germany. Klaudio Kohn is member of the bar association Celle and is a fully certified lawyer since 1984.

Klaudio Kohn is also leading a translators office which is located in the same building as the attorney’s office. Due to his residence in different countries on 3 continents, Klaudio Kohn is now able to speak and write very well several languages.

Klaudio Kohn is a certified translator and interpreter for the courts and notaries of Hannover in English, French and Romanian.

Excepting the languages that he is certified in, Klaudio Kohn also has very good knowledge of the hebrew, jiddish, hungarian and italian language.

The office also has very good skills in the russian and lithuanian language. Klaudio Kohn is also offering services in all other languages through his translators office.

Klaudio Kohn is cooperating also with several notaries.

Klaudio Kohn is working very successfull on immigration issues regarding the common immigration countries like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.